Mobile and Bedside Applications

Mobile and Bedside Applications

With the technological changes, many health institutions prefer to provide faster and more quality solutions with all kinds of technological devices beyond the limits of the institution. We aim to deliver many services offered by the institutions / organizations to patients and their relatives / citizens in mobile environment.

Mobile Applications:

Our mobile applications are designed to work fully integrated with the institution's existing system and work in smartphones, tablets and kiosk devices on most mobile platforms such as Android, IOS.

With mobile applications, patients, relatives and citizens can access to the application in a secure, uninterrupted, space and time independent manner via the internet, can make an appointment according to department and doctor, and can monitor the results of the examination.


Bedside Applications:

Our bedside applications enable instant follow-up of the disease, perform diagnosis and treatment procedures, and enter the medical data and the drug information. In this way, bedside applications help perform error-free and paperless processes by eliminating unnecessary protocols and paper environments.

At the same time, bedside applications can be used in different ways for patients and their relatives. Patients and their relatives suffering from psychological problems due to illness can watch television, listen to radio, or use social media via bedside devices.