Oracle Consulting

Oracle Consulting

Probel offers consulting and support services for Oracle database solutions. With its expert staff, it helps customers to use resources more efficiently and maximize information security through customers’ databases performing more efficiently and securely.


Database Consulting and Support Services We Provide to Our Customers

  • On-Site and Off-Site Support (7/24)
  • Database Monitoring Systems, Early Failure Warning Systems
  • Database Backup and Recovery Scenarios
  • Oracle Data Guard, RAC Configuration, Installation and Management
  • Migration & Upgrade (Migration between databases, version upgrades, application patch)
  • SQL Tuning
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Vault & Audit Implementations
  • Database Health Checks
  •  Application Architecture Modelling Consultancy

On-Site and Off-Site Support (7/24)

  • Consulting and support services provided by a fully qualified and experienced technical team at all times, in a continuous, on-site or off-site basis.


Database Monitoring Systems, Early Failure Warning Systems

  • An effective working environment is created by determining and estimating the negativities (performance problems, I/O problems, waiting problems etc.) with the help of our system analysis, early failure warning mechanism and monitoring tools developed in-house and constructed in our database.

Database Backup and Recovery Scenarios

  • By configuring the backup time and strategy of database systems, it is structured to take precautions against all kinds of crash situations and a reliable working environment is created by making recovery tests from the backups taken.


Oracle Data Guard, RAC Configuration, Installation and Management

  • The most appropriate solutions are provided by determining the acceptable downtime periods of database systems and by constructing disaster moments strategies and scenarios. The preferred Oracle solutions (Data Guard, RAC - Real Application Cluster) are implemented, managed and disaster recovery tests are done in real time.


Migration & Upgrade (Migration between databases, Version Upgrades, Application Patch)

  • Data transfers from RDBMS database systems (MS SQL Server, MY SQL, DB2, PostgreSQL etc.) to Oracle database systems are done seamlessly and fast. Database systems are made reliable and stable for existing Oracle database version, if any, by applying critical and recommended patches issued by Oracle.
  •  Test environments are created for upgrading between Oracle versions (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), and work tests and analysis are performed on the upper versions for the applications. As a result of these results, the appropriate modifications are recommended and the required version upgrade work is carried out professionally.


SQL Tuning

  • Optimization and tuning operations are performed by examining the SQL scripts with existing performance problems or with performance problems in case of data increase. In this way, application and database performance is improved significantly.


Performance Tuning

  • Monitoring and fixing database CPU overloads, memory insufficiency or I/O bottlenecks and network problems, setting of SGA, PGA and initial parameter values, object controls (tables and indexes), optimization and tuning are done.


Database Vault & Audit Implementations

  • Oracle Database Vault is installed and configured to increase database security.


Database Health Checks

  •  Health checks for hardware (memory, CPU, disk I/O, etc.) of database systems, database parameter values, object based controls (tables, indexes, etc.), configuration controls of tablespaces, data files and disks, application based controls (SQL statements, data model, etc.) are made and solution suggestions are shared with customers according to the analysis results.


Application Architecture Modelling Consultancy

  • Will you develop a new application? Do you need an effective, stable model? Or do you need improvement in your existing data structure model? We provide the most effective solutions for these and similar technical issues with an expert view.